• The LED colour changing character light that keeps children company at bedtime.
  • Allows you to choose between fixed or changing rainbow light.
  • With rechargeable battery and charging base.
This small and fun character night light provides comfort and reassurance for children when it comes to bedtime. Offering just enough light to reassure, this fun and friendly colour changing light will help children wind down at bedtime so they can drift off to sleep, easily.
The light the baby loves

Choose from a constant changing rainbow light or static light in 3 colours (red, blue or green).

In total safety

The night sheep works with a cold LED light making it safe for little hands to play with as it also complies with all UK/EU Toy Safety directives.

Sleep peacefully

Night sheep can be to automatically shut off after 30 minutes or it can be left on all night.

With or without charging base

night sheep operating time with its battery totally charged is 8 hours for rainbow mode and 16 hours for fixed light. The charging base has a full battery display so you can ensure it is fully charged before use.

Top-quality, phthalate-free PVC

night sheep has a durable, smooth and washable design. It is made from phthalate free PVC making it safe for baby.


  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Operating time:
  • Rainbow mode: 8 hours
  • Steady colour: 16 hours
  • Adapter: 6 V, 150 mA
  • Size (width x height x depth): 112.82 x 125.8 x 89.5 mm


  • Possibility of auto power off after 30 minutes
  • Steady monochromatic light (blue, red or green) or changing rainbow mode
  • Full charge indicator on charging base


  • Charging base
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