• Simply plug the universal adapter into a car charging point to begin the heating process.
  • Warms and bottle, jar or pouch in just 40-45 minutes.
  • Safe auto switch-off system that prevents overheating.
Mealtimes on the go!

Plug warmy travel into a in-car charging point and it will begin heating any baby jar, pouch or bottle – in just 40-45 minutes – making mealtimes easy whilst adventuring out and about.

Maximum safety

Complete with a safe switch-off system, warmy travel turns off automatically after use, preventing overheating. With its water-proof casing, it protects against any spillages from happening in the car.

Insulated whether hot or cold

As well as warming bottles, jars or pouches, warmy travel also keeps food cool on a hot day. The insulated zipped carry bag maintains the temperature – both hot or cold!

Light in design, it is easy to transport around

Complete with Velcro fasteners, it can be attached to a stroller, infant carrier or bags, making mealtimes on the go - simple.


  • Increase in temperature: max 65 °C on internal electronic thermostat
  • Connection to car lighter: 12 V DC, 11 W, 800 – 1000 mA max


  • Heats baby bottles/food jars
  • Automatic start-up on connection
  • Heating time: 30 to 40 minutes on average
  • Protection system from overheating
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