During the first few years of our child's life, parents have many doubts about preserving food so that they keep all of their nutritional properties, flavor and texture. Below, we will attempt to answer some of these doubts


  1. Food cooked for babies can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 48 hours. It must always be kept in hermetic recipients. Food will be placed in them as soon as they are lukewarm.
  2. When food is prepared with ingredients that last less, such as eggs or certain leafy vegetables or garden herbs with roots, it is preferable to consume this food as soon as possible-even in less than 24 hours.
  3. Pumpkin and squash are vegetables that babies like, and which also tolerate both refrigeration and freezing well. They always taste like they did on the first day which is why they are highly recommendable as a base for many preparations.
  4. If the puree is not going to be used within 48 hours of preparation, it is recommended to freeze it as soon as possible to guarantee that the vitamins and minerals will arrive almost intact at feeding.
  5. It is important for the freezer to be frost free and not very full to help food to freeze quickly and to reduce nutrient loss to a minimum.
  6. Baby food must thaw slowly. Steam thawing is a very recommendable option for better preserving nutrients and flavor.
  7. It is recommended to freeze purees in hermetic recipients with a single ration so that it is much easier to thaw the necessary amount. The leftover broth can be saved in these individual recipients, later serving to lighten very thick purees.
  8. For eating away from home or going on outings, isothermal bags may be used. Refrigerated baby food jars are then placed in these bags or thermoses for solids that will keep food fresh for a long time at the desired temperature.
  9. The optimal way to heat your baby's food uniformly while preserving all the nutrients is via steam. Should you use other methods, such as the microwave oven, baby food should be stirred well with a spoon so that the heat is uniformly distributed.
  10. Pureed fruit should be prepared right before each feeding. When traveling, it is also possible to take along something prepared such as compote or other steamed baby foods.