The environment does not always provide the most adequate humidity level for babies to grow up at home in comfort. So, while the humidity level is situated at 45% and 65%, on many occasions, this value recorded in homes is much lower. Especially in winter, insufficient humidity can cause dry skin, nasal irritation, colds, sore throat, etc.


To avoid the negative effects caused by an insufficient humidity level, it is recommendable to reduce the dryness of the air and raise humidity values to more recommendable ones.

Humidification of air at home

In winter, with the use of heat, the room temperature rises while humidity decreases considerably. Furthermore, as a result of outdoor heat, the indoor atmosphere tends to renew itself less frequently to prevent the loss of heat accumulated in rooms.

To mitigate it, humidifiers help us to improve environmental conditions through increasing relative humidity. They thus transform the water stored in in their tank into water vapor that is transferred into the atmosphere through a ventilation system.

Thus, humidifiers issue vapor that humidifies dry air, creating more adequate humidity in the atmosphere.

Types of humidifiers

We can discern two major types of humidifiers depending on the type of vapor they emit into the atmosphere.

  1. Humidifiers that evaporate water by ultrasound. They are very efficient in the evaporation process and generate water vapor that is very easy to breathe in. They do not increase the room's temperature and they prevent risks because they do not heat water.
  2. Warm mist humidifiers. Besides humidifying the air, they also slightly raise the room temperature, which means they are more appropriate for use in winter.

Additionally, the more advanced humidifiers also offer other features such as air purification via ionization or ozonification. In the first case, via generation of negative ions, the particles that contaminate the air are attacked naturally, similar to the way that rain cleans and regenerates the atmosphere. Ozonifiers, on the other hand, emit a small amount of ozone that serves to purify the air.

Perfume humidifiers make it possible to recreate the desired atmosphere by emitting your favorite perfume along with the water vapor, thus generating more pleasant and personalized atmospheres.

Miniland Baby air humidifiers

Miniland Baby has a significant range of air humidifiers with which it tries to recreate a natural, healthier setting at home with the right humidity levels for every need.

This variety includes ultrasonic cool vapor humidifiers and humidifiers with both options From among them, Miniland Baby offers two perfume humidifiers as well as a humidifier that produces ozone and another that emits negative ions to purify and clean the air.

  • humiessence is a cool mist ultrasound perfume humidifier that is compact and intuitive with an adjustable mist flow outlet. It has a minimum autonomy of 10 h with a maximum vapor flow. Thanks to its perfume compartment, we can keep the room always scented with our favorite aroma.
  • minidrop is a small, cool vapor ultrasound perfume humidifier with a compact design that can be placed anywhere completely safe with maximum performance.
  • On the other hand, ozonball is an ozonating humidifier that purifies and cleans the air with cool vapor and with a constant relative humidity feature. Through ozone production, it eliminates germs and purifies the atmosphere.
  • And to wrap up, humiplus advanced is an advanced ultrasound and ionizing cool and warm mist humidifier. Ideal for nighttime, and it enables you to select the desired relative humidity thanks to its digital hygrometer. Its large tank lends it exceptional autonomy of up to 70 h with a minimum mist flow. Its rainbow night light is changing and may be turned off when desired.