Steaming food with chefy 5

The Miniland Baby chefy 5 food processor allows you to steam food with two power levels, thus meeting the needs of each moment in your baby's development and the foods' characteristics.


Food is placed in the chefy 5 baskets, first using the larger lower basket (750 ml). The two additional baskets with a capacity of 350 and 150 ml respectively may be used to cook even more food. It is also possible to use the magic separators to simultaneously cook food separately.

The cooking baskets are placed in the chefy 5 bowl and shut with the lid so that it is tight. Then the bowl is placed on the base of the chefy 5 and placed there properly.

Once the chefy 5 is turned on and the option to steam is selected, the cooking time with the food processor is set and the food processor is started. The maximum cooking time is 30 minutes and the preset time is 20 minutes. Once cooking has finished, the device emits several beeps.

Once cooking has finished, the food is now ready to be eaten or to be pureed.

Grinding food to make baby food

chefy 5 can grind both cooked and raw food.

To grind food with chefy 5, it is placed directly in the bowl without using cooking baskets, reaching the maximum capacity of 1 l. So when you finish cooking food in the baskets, it is dumped into the chefy 5 bowl.

To grind more quickly, we recommend that food be chopped into cubes no greater than 2 or 3 cm.

Once all food that you wish to grind has been placed in the bowl, the grinder lid is attached, the bowl is closed and placed on the chefy 5 base. The grinding intensity level is selected (more intense for baby food that is more ground and less intense for thicker purees) and the chefy 5 food processor is started up.

Mixing takes place in 5 cycles in which the device grinds for 13 seconds and rests for 2 seconds, between cycles. This allows food to be mixed more uniformly, thus reaching all foods and does not leave lumps.

And now your baby's food is ready. It may be consumed the same day or stored for more time in the refrigerator or freezer by using Miniland Baby thermoses and hermetic containers.

With your purchase of the chefy 5 food processor, Miniland Baby will give you the book Recetas, nutrición y dietética infantil (Recipes, Nutrition and Child Dietetics): Tips for gradually introducing food to babies, which offers nutrition tips and recipes specially designed for chefy 5.