Recommendations for getting the most out of you non-contact thermometer

Non-contact thermometers allow you to make very accurate temperature measurements that are completely trustworthy. Since you do not make contact, you can take measurements even when your baby is asleep; without it even realizing.


Thus non-contact thermometers become the most practical and reliable ones in any situation and are especially useful with babies and children as well as with adults.

Learning how to use it from the first day

Non-contact thermometers do not work the same way as traditional thermometers for oral, axillary or rectal measurement. To use non-contact thermometers properly, you need to take into account some considerations inherent to this new technology.

Thus, non-contact thermometers are more sensitive to external determining factors because they do not make contact with the skin. Considering these determining factors, their measurements are the most accurate ones in comparison with the rest of the thermometers on the market.

Thus, when you buy a new non-contact thermometer, you need to spend a few minutes learning how to use it and make several test measurements to learn each person's temperature range.

Main recommendations for properly using a non-contact thermometer

  1. To achieve exact measurements, it is very important to always check that the infrared sensor is clean before use. You should neither touch nor blow on the infrared sensor because a dirty infrared sensor can cause inaccurate measurements.
  2. If the temperature of the place where the thermometer is stored is very different from the place where the measurement is taken, you have to wait a few minutes until the thermometer's temperature is balanced with the room's.
  3. Other external factors such as having been exposed to very high temperatures (e.g., cooking in the case of adults or snuggling or breastfeeding in the case of babies) or very cold temperatures (outdoors in winter or bathing in summer) can influence the temperature of the forehead. In these cases, the person whose temperature is going to be taken must remain in a resting position and in the same environment as the thermometer for at least 10 minutes.

Body temperature is not the same in each person

Normal body temperature is not a specific value but rather an interval of temperatures. A person's normal temperature range tends to decrease with age.

Normal temperature intervals and age

0-2 years 36.4 ºC-38.0 ºC
3-10 years 36.1 ºC-37.8 ºC
11-65 years 35.9 ºC-37.6 ºC
+65 35.8 ºC-37.5 ºC

This interval also varies from one person to another and can be influenced by many factors such as the time of day, the level of activity, medication, emotions, etc.

We recommend practicing with any thermometer, starting on yourself and then on the rest of the members of your family when they are healthy.

It is thus possible to know how the thermometer reacts with each person and what their regular body temperature is. This way, you can be more sure about the measurements made when a family member is ill.

thermoadvanced plus, the most innovative non-contact thermometer on the market

thermoadvanced plus of Miniland Baby is a novel non-contact infrared thermometer for measuring temperature on a baby's forehead in a truly simple way. It also measures the temperature of objects and liquids such as milk, baby food or bathwater as well as the ambient temperature.

It communicates measurements by voice as well as via its backlit LCD screen, thus proving that it is the easiest to use and most intuitive thermometer.

One of its most innovative features, for technology lovers, is the possibility to connect to smartphones and tablets (Android or IOS) to record and check your baby's temperatures using the eMyBaby application, exclusive for users of the Miniland Baby brand.

With this non-contact thermometer, you can obtain measurement results in just 2 seconds. The device has a fever indicator and memorizes the last 9 records with additional information on the date and type of measurement made.

The LCD display screen is digital and multifunctional, with great visibility and can be read quickly. But it also communicates the temperature with a voice message, configurable in 6 languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian. If you do not want voice messages, you can put it on silent mode, with which notices will be visual only.

As it includes both a clock and calendar, it will allow us to track the evolution of readings with greater detail that may be contrasted with the ones taken before up to a total of nine measurements, each with its corresponding date and time.
thermoadvanced plus is battery operated and shuts off after three minutes of disuse to guarantee maximum duration.

The product includes a practical bag for storing and carrying it in which it is perfectly stored and protected; also very practical for traveling families that want to take their thermometer with them everywhere.