During the first few years of our child's life, parents have many doubts about preserving food so that they keep all of their nutritional properties, flavor and texture. Below, we will attempt to answer some of these doubts

Miniland is committed to emotion technology developing eMyBaby, an application specifically designed for mums and dads with a twofold objective: to maintain a constant link with their children and have emotional quality of life, no matter how busy they are in their day-to-day life. Because it's up to you to LIVE life, prioritising what is urgent or what is important, you choose: eMyBaby, is app to you! 

The environment does not always provide the most adequate humidity level for babies to grow up at home in comfort. So, while the humidity level is situated at 45% and 65%, on many occasions, this value recorded in homes is much lower. Especially in winter, insufficient humidity can cause dry skin, nasal irritation, colds, sore throat, etc.

Steaming food with chefy 5

The Miniland Baby chefy 5 food processor allows you to steam food with two power levels, thus meeting the needs of each moment in your baby's development and the foods' characteristics.

Recommendations for getting the most out of you non-contact thermometer

Non-contact thermometers allow you to make very accurate temperature measurements that are completely trustworthy. Since you do not make contact, you can take measurements even when your baby is asleep; without it even realizing.