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Miniland Group quality and hygiene policy statement has been defined according to the Company vision and values, which are also included within Miniland strategic plan.

Vision Be a global specialized Company, strongly committed with the markets where the Company is currently operating, through different key drivers like innovation, customer orientation and satisfaction and sustainable growth.


  • Transparency and proximity
  • Flexibility and Reliability
  • Commitment and trust
  • Business ethics
  • Team work
  • Personal and profesional growth

Miniland states to meet all requirements related to improve its quality management system by reviewing corporate goals periodically, promoting a strong focus on process management and risk-based thinking. All managers are committed to the above by communicating it properly and making their most direct team members part of it.

Miniland defines as part of their main goals having a Danger Risk & Critical Control Point System (APPCC) as well as applying best practices on hygiene and manufacturing, which guarantee all quality and security requirements on those products manufactured by Miniland. Miniland currently imports thermometers and other electronic devices considered oficially “medical devices” subject to a specific control management system.

This policy will be periodically reviewd to make sure all requirements are properly met according to the company’s mission and values.

José Verdú Francés

Managing Director

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